At Mega Circuits, your product is our top priority. We specialize in custom electronic printed circuit boards and metal RF shields and our experts can help you with your entire product development cycle.  
  Printed Circuit Boards   Brass RF Shields and Housings  
  • Up to 10 Layers
  • Board thickness from 0.005" to 0.125"
  • Copper Weight from 0.5oz to 4oz
  • Hole Diameters to 0.012"
  • Line Widths to 0.005"
  • Line Spacings to 0.005"
  • 0.010 Stock Standard, 0.015 Stock Available
  • Only Requirement is Dimensional Drawing
  • Standard Two-Week Delivery
  • Low-Cost Tooling
  • Economical Alternative To Punching / Milling